Why trout on the menu?


Chefs in the industry prefer trout on the menu for a variety of practical reasons. “What I really like about trout on my menu, is that our foreign visitors know exactly what they are getting,” says Misty Mountain’s chef Cletos Chiteza.” It appeals to the health conscious and the general fish lover but also to clients with cultural or religious preferences. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and functions. And best of all – it is locally available all year round with reliable delivery after a single phone call to Lunsklip.”


Many caterers use it as an affordable salmon replacement and the processed products make for convenient, easy starters and canapés. Cool Cuisine caterer Bevvie Marais from Kook, lists filled pancakes, crostini’s, mousse and trout pies amongst her popular catering favourites.


VIEW OUR PRODUCTSIn his awarded Dullstroom restaurant, Saucy Chef Brian Whitehorn’s Trout with lemon and herb butter, accounted for 40% of his restaurant sales. Die Tonteldoos Bistro served trout for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a wide variety of menu items – from Saumon en neige to Trout Daniel, trout pies, trout salads – you name it.


Keeping health in mind


Keeping health in mind, trout has become a popular alternative with weight watchers and health conscious consumers. It is known to be:

  • High in omega 3 & 6 oils
  • Recommended as a healthy way to reduce risk of heart attack, stroke or heart disease
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • 0% carbohydrates
  • 0% transfats
  • High in Vit D and Vit B-12



Convenient for cook, caterer or gourmet


  • Easy and fast to prepare
  • Available, consistent supply all year round
  • Reliable regular delivery
  • High quality product at affordable price
  • Popular with tourists – foreigners know it, feel safe with what comes out of water – no faith issues as with meat
  • Fresh fish source, available in-land
  • Affordable salmon substitute
  • Wide product variety for catering
  • Can be frozen for up to 12 months
  • Suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner or fancy entertainment
  • Pleasant taste, subtle, elegant and versatile
  • Proudly South African product





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